• Grado académico: Docteur de l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC-Paris VI), “Diversité du Vivant”, Francia
  • Correo electrónico: ftellier@ucsc.cl
  • Teléfono: 56-41-2345644

Doctora en Ciencias Biológicas, Mención Ecología. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile

Líneas de Investigación:

  • Biología evolutiva y ecología de macroalgas marinas
  • Especiación biológica e hibridación
  • Invasiones biológicas




López BA, Macaya EC, Rivadeneira MM, Tala F, Tellier F, Thiel M. Epibiont communities on stranded kelp rafts of Durvillaea antarctica (Fucales, Phaeophyceae) – Do positive interactions facilitate range extensions? Journal of Biogeography 45: 1833-1845. DOI: 10.1111/jbi.13375.


López BA, Tellier F, Retamal-Alarcón JC, Pérez-Araneda K, Fierro AO; Macaya EC, Tala F, Thiel M. Phylogeography of two intertidal seaweeds, Gelidium lingulatum and G. rex (Rhodophyta: Gelidiales), along the South East Pacific – patterns explained by rafting dispersal?. Marine Biology 164:188. DOI: 10.1007/s00227-017-3219-5.

Pinochet J, Leclerc J-C, Brante A, Daguin-Thiébaut C, Díaz C, Tellier F, Viard F. Presence of the tunicate Asterocarpa humilison ship hulls and aquaculture facilities in the coast of the Biobío Region, south central Chile. PeerJ 5:e3672, DOI 10.7717/peerj.3672.


Guillemin ML, Valero M, Tellier F, Macaya EC, Destombe C, Faugeron S (in press) Phylogeography of seaweeds in the South East Pacific: complex evolutionary processes along a latitudinal gradient. In: Seaweed Phylogeography, Z-M Hu & C Fraser (Editors). Springer.

Macaya EC, López B, Tala F, Tellier F, Thiel M (in press) Float and Raft: role of buoyant seaweeds in phylogeography and genetic structure of non-buoyant associated flora. In: Seaweed Phylogeography, Z-M Hu & C Fraser (Editors). Springer.


Koch K, Thiel M, Tellier F, Hagen W, Graeve M, Tala F, Laeseke P, Bischof K (2015) Species separation within the Lessonia nigrescens complex (Phaeophyceae, Laminariales) is mirrored by ecophysiological traits. Botanica Marina 58(2): 81-92.


López-Cristoffanini C, Tellier F, Otaíza R, Correa JA, Contreras-Porcia L (2013) Tolerance to air exposure: a feature driving the latitudinal distribution of two sibling kelp species. Botanica Marina 56(5-6): 431-440.

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Montecinos A, Broitman BR, Faugeron S, Haye PA, Tellier F, Guillemin M-L (2012) Species replacement along a linear coastal habitat: phylogeography and speciation in the red alga Mazzaella laminarioides along the South East Pacific. BMC Evolutionary Biology 12: 97.

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Tellier F, Faugeron S, Valero M (2011) Possible role of a mitochondrial genome rearrangement in maintaining the spatial segregation of two cryptic species of the Lessonia nigrescens species complex. Cahiers de Biologie Marine 42: 371-383.

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Valero M, Destombe C, Mauger S, Ribout C, Engel CR, Daguin-Thiébaut C, Tellier F (2011) Using genetic tools for suitable management of kelps: a literature review and the example of Laminaria digitata. Cahiers de Biologie Marine 42: 467-483.

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Tellier F, Vega JMA, Broitman BR, Vásquez JA, Valero M, Faugeron S (2011) The importance of having two species instead of one in kelp management: the Lessonia nigrescens species complex. Cahiers de Biologie Marine 42: 455-465.

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Tellier F, Tapia J, Faugeron S, Destombe C, Valero M (2011) The Lessonia nigrescens species complex (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae) shows strict parapatry and complete reproductive isolation in a secondary contact zone. Journal of Phycology 47: 894-903.

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Oppliger LV, Correa JA, Faugeron S, Tellier F, Beltrán J, Valero M, Destombe C (2011) Sex-ratio variation in the Lessonia nigrescens complex (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae): Effect of latitude, temperature and marginality. Journal of Phycology 47: 5-12.

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Tellier F, Meynard AP, Correa JA, Faugeron S, Valero M (2009) Phylogeographic analyses of the 30°S south-east Pacific biogeographic transition zone establish the occurrence of a sharp genetic discontinuity in the kelp Lessonia nigrescens: vicariance or parapatry? Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 53: 679-693.

Faugeron S, Véliz D, Peralta G, Tapia J, Tellier F, Billot C, Martínez E (2009) Development and characterization of nine polymorphic microsatellite markers in the Chilean kelp Lessonia nigrescens. Molecular Ecology Resources 9: 937-939.

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Nicolè F, Tellier F, Vivat A, Till-Bottraud I (2007) Conservation unit status inferred for plants by combining interspecific crosses and AFLP. Conservation Genetics 8(6): 1273-1285.

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2014. Natural and anthropogenic impacts on coastal marine species: a DNA-based investigation. CONICYT-Programa de Cooperación Científica Internacional (PCCI) / CNRS Francia, Proyecto de Intercambio, Convocatoria 2013 (PCCI N° 130047). . Investigador CIBAS que participa: Dr. Antonio Brante (Investigador Principal), Dra. Florence Tellier (Co-Investigadora).

2013-2017. Diversity, Evolution and Biotechnology of Marine Algae. International Research Network – France Brazil Chile (GDRI N° 0803). . Investigador CIBAS que participa: Dra. Florence Tellier (Co-Investigadora), Dr. Antonio Brante (Co-Investigador), Dr. Ricardo Otaíza (Co-Investigador).

2013-2016. How effective is rafting transport really? Intertidal macroalgae as model organisms to test dispersal via floating kelps. CONICYT/FONDECYT (N° 1131082). . Investigador CIBAS que participa: Dra. Florence Tellier (Co-Investigadora).

2012-2015. Reproductive isolation between two sibling species of seaweeds: evaluating intrinsic and extrinsic components of the barriers to gene flow in the Lessonia nigrescens species complex. CONICYT/FONDECYT (N° 11121504). . Investigador CIBAS que participa: Dra. Florence Tellier (Investigadora Principal).

2010-2011. Is a metapopulation approach useful for marine algae? A genetic and demographic study of the Chilean seaweed Mazzaella laminarioides. CONICYT/FONDECYT Post-Doctorado (N° 3110041). . Investigador CIBAS que participa: Dra. Florence Tellier (Investigadora Principal).